Single Media Campaign
Single Social Media Platform Set-up for a cause or campaign. You are holding an event one-time or as a recurring event. You also need help with other branding initiatives. Brand is not the focus so much as having your thoughts and offerings available to your community.
Social Customized Outlet
Basic Report
Custom Marketing Plan
Social Media Setup
Media Plan Calendar
Execution Points Timeline
Audience Notice
Company Integration
Training & Guidance
Customer Images Used
Launch Strategy Coaching
Push Your Mission or Event
This plan includes many elements from the “Launch” plan but will grow your reach using additional and more robust media components to form cohesive, mission oriented execution of your brand message with a purpose driven multi-media build
Web Consultation
GC System a Proprietary Social Concept
All the 'LAUNCH" Plan Elements
New Components that Work Cohesively
Analytics Reporting
Growth Statistics
Customer Relationship Manager
Search Engine Optimization
Social Engagement
Build/Revamp A Brand/Product/Service
A brand should always be progressive and you know this already. But now you are sure about your business and mission but need work on your brand & message. You are still working on your delivery or maybe have your message but need help.
Mixture of Media Components
Elements from Basic, & PUSH
New Branding Level Components
Monthly Brain Storm Session
Brand Mission and Message Language
Reputation & Rating System
Customer Focused Event Plan Outline
Customer Sales Components
Sales Aide Consultation
Funding, Strategies & Development
Starting-up & ready to go strong? Are you launching or re-branding a new concept? Then, you have no time to waste. Want to focus on funding your business and you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have the time you need to get is all together?
Business Set-Up
Funding Readiness Coach
Business Credit Profile
Business System Software
Funding Strategy & Introductions
Your Own Contact Manager
Commercial Credit Line Coach
Company Message & Sales Strategy Consultation