Get started in 3 easy steps.

1. Gather all your media, logos, images and other branding items or inspirations and email them as attachments.

2. Request a consultation for the Grace Plan of your choose in relating to your project concept.

3.  Print, sign, & email your Grace Plan Proposal from your contact email after making your grace plan invoice deposit in full or in part.

It’s just that easy!  Your finish product, once the balance is settled, will be delivered to your inbox in most case within 15-20 business day, though rushes are possible.


For example, You need help with professional article organizing and setting up your new or old company for funding.


Portfolio Options & Addon’s

Request a Draft Meeting – Draft meeting are available in most cases at the request of the Owner and are priced according to project and time.


A La Carte Explained

So you are already in the game and a package is more than you need to excel or you have a need that extends beyond a plan. Ask for specific help by email.


For example, you need an app developed for you or your company.



PrePaid Support

Get a prepaid plan customized to suit you. These are priced in blocks of prepaid time and are used mainly for maintenance of existing frame works or for continuance of a Grace Team build which no longer requires new elements.


Past Project Concepts

Author’s Media Kit – Packaged with what’s needed from start to the finish copy of your book

Branding Package – Get your image out with Media outlets to suit your image

Event/Product  Launch – What’s the occasion?  We are ready to help kick it off.

Business Start up – Don’t spin your wheels.  Start a head of the game with the benefit of what it take many years to learn.